Introducing Goals

Set your sights high

Kit helps you set goals relevant to the stage of your business and works alongside you to achieve them

If you are just starting out

Get set up for success

  • Thumbs up icon Build a presence on Facebook
  • Ad targeting icon Find the right audience targeting for ads
  • Money bag icon Make your first sale

If you are a growing business

Commit to the climb

  • Dollar bill icon Get your 100th sale and beyond
  • Bulls eye icon Build smarter targeting from customer profiles
  • Positive revenue icon Achieve month over month revenue increase
  • Product tag icon Focus on moving specific inventory

Push your business to new heights

Number 1 icon

Kit is proactive

Kit proposes the appropriate goal for your business, along with an ad budget to get there

Number 2 icon

Kit is goal oriented

Best-practice marketing strategy drives Kit's activities to reach the goal

Number 3 icon

Kit is accountable

Kit tracks progress, celebrates success, and bases next goal on past performance